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Services We Provide

Dawnbreaker Studios, LLC is a technology consulting firm specializing in assisting small to medium size companies
develop and implement their IT strategies in a ever changing economy. The following are some of the services we provide.


Cloud Services

Cloud strategies tailored towards your company's needs. Providing subject matter expertise to build an infrastructure & platform with leading Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web services. Solutions are practical and enable customers to achieve cost saving cloud solutions.


Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, enable organizations to manage, maintain and excel in all things related to their customer.
CRM solutions, can assist in workflow information between different types of business entities, making it more efficient allowing new insights.
Dawnbreaker Studios provides subject matter expertise that assist organizations to manage their correspondence, process claims, manage contracts, and improve customer engagements.


Portals & Collaboration

It is critical that there is an effective and centralized information and collaboration management in place for a successful company. To create a collaborative environment, there has to be a platform for easy sharing of ideas, fostering innovation, creating an environment whether teams are centralized or not, that allows ease of operation.


Data Analytics

Dawnbreaker Studios provides subject matter expertise in Predictive and Perspective of its client's data using multiple data sources. Data analytics is at the heart of every solution, it provides the means to give insight into all aspects of the company's performance and allows for customer insights and analysis with actionable reports for executives and employee.


Mobile Enablement

Dawnbreaker Studios ensures all its solutions are mobile enabled; allowing remote workers and or off-site service managers have access to the same data regardless of whether onsite or off-site. Every organization is able access their our solutions anytime from anywhere on multiple platforms and devices. Our solutions are built on existing platforms that can scale. We utilize Responsive Design, Native Mobile Applications and Mobile Application Management to achieve best in class solutions.


Process Automation

Dawnbreaker Studios builds on existing eco system when possible to integrate systems with Business Process Management (BPM), Workflow Automation, Machine Learning, and Application Modernization, driven by solutions that create a seamless flow of information and process for all teams within organization.

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