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Dawnbreaker Studios, LLC was founded on November 2002 when cell phones and web technologies were still in their infancy. For over 20 years, we've assisted public and private sector companies reach their objectives using the four pillar of success model to implement the right size solution that is appropriately sized and ensured the client would be able to scale as their business grew and evolved.

Our Mission

Our mission, has been to ensure the success of our clients regardless of any changes that they are confronted with. We continue to provide services in ways companies can gain efficiencies and productivity by utilizing our trusted Four Pillars.

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID is that businesses must be prepared to change and pivot quickly.

This is where we are best positioned to assist; not only will we assist in identifying your business processes and ensure their documentation, but we also look for potential efficiencies that can be gained with the right technology as we also take your people and your data into consideration. With this type of engagement, we ensure that clients avoid the pitfalls of cost overruns, thereby creating a holistic approach to building and or leveraging their existing technology and eco-system.

  • Cloud Services
  • Relationship Management
  • Portal & Collaboration
  • Data Analytics
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Process Automation


Dawnbreaker Studios helps to set up cloud strategies tailored towards company needs. Providing hands on experience to build an infrastructure & platform with leading Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web services. Solutions are practical and enable customers to achieve cost saving cloud solutions.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions enable organizations to excel in customer service.
CRM solutions, can assist in workflow information between different types of business entities, making it more efficient allowing new insights.
Dawnbreaker Studios assists organizations to manage their correspondence, process claims, manage contracts, improve engagement.


It is critical that there is an effective information collaboration management in place for a successful company. To create a collaborative environment, there has to be a platform for easy sharing of ideas, fostering innovation , creating an environment whether centralized or not, teams operate with ease.

Data Analytics

Your data is at the heart of every decision, process and solution. From securing the data to how users interact with it; we look at the whole package to ensure its secure, but also searchable and actionable.


Every organization needs to set up access to their business solutions that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere on multiple platforms and devices. The solutions are built on existing platforms that can scale as needed. Dawnbreaker Studios utilizes Responsive Design, Native Mobile Applications and Mobile Application Management to achieve best in class solutions.


Building on existing eco system, DBS will integrate systems with Business Process Management (BPM), Workflow Automation, Machine Learning, and Application Modernization driven solutions to create a seamless flow of information and process for all teams inside an organization.

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